GameStack PRO

GameStack users with GMSTK tokens will unlock the access to the PRO version of GameStack services with advanced tools, data, analytics, content and reports.

GameStack PRO:

  • Enhanced Data
  • Live notification and alerts
  • Advanced capabilities for projects and portfolio management

Enhanced data:

  • New projects and game assets in the catalog
  • Access to historical data
  • Advanced portfolio dynamics
  • Selected projects and assets dynamics
  • Customizable timeframes
  • Advanced data filters
  • Asset and collection reporting
  • Asset life cycle reporting
Live notification and alerts
  • Selected projects and assets dynamics
  • Airdrops
  • Alerts on price movements and significant sales (customizable)
  • Changes in top charts

Further development

  • Atomic/non-aggregated data
  • Special reports and analytics
  • NFT P&L analytics
  • Hodl and activity duration
  • Net worth valuation
  • New projects launch support
Last modified 8mo ago