What is GameStack Token

GameStack token (GMSTK) is the utility token for the GameStack services. The token gives holders advanced options, features and data in the PRO versions of GameStack services. We are also working on the further development of the token lifecycle and applications in our ecosystem to make it more valuable.

Purpose of the GameStack Token

Access to Advanced GameStack Services
GameStack users with GMSTK tokens will unlock the access to the PRO version of GameStack services with advanced tools, data, analytics, content and reports.
Utility token for paid services in GameStack Ecosysten
GameStack will also accept GMSTK as a payment for other commercial and promotional services.
How to get access to GameStack PRO:
  • to hodl GMSTK tokens in your Web3 wallet (depends on services set), connected to GameStack

How to earn on GameStack tokens

  • GameStack token holders can stake their GMSTK tokens and get up to 20-30% APY with a selection of audited DeFi protocols;
  • GameStack Platform allocates tokens for staking rewards;
  • Staking GMSTK with various DeFi protocols may also earn GMSTK holders rewards in partnering DeFi tokens.
Partnership Drops
  • GameStack will partner with blockchain game publishers and other participants in the GameFi and Play2earn ecosystem;
  • GameStack token holders may (and likely will) also get rewards in tokens issued by GameStack platform partners.
Partisipation in GameStack Community
  • The most active GameStack community members will receive rewards in GMSTK tokens